“Agile is not appropriate in all situations”​. Hmm, what’s that smell?…

  • Are we going to stop collaborating with our customer on a regular basis?
  • Are we going to stop reducing risk by releasing small and often? Stop doing CD and wait until we’ve built everything and then do a big bang release?
  • Are we going to disempower our teams, and just tell them to build what we tell them rather than everybody — stakeholders, PO, UX, devs — collaborating and defining what to build between them? (Even though it may not be technically feasible because we haven’t involved the devs in the definition of the solution)
  • Are we going to stop being transparent? Are we going to tear down our boards and just do a monthly report summarising that we’re 80% done (for the majority of the project. Because that’s what happens; “Watermelon RAG Status”)
  • Are going to remove all WIP limits on our Kanban boards and stop trying to improve flow efficiency or reduce lean wastes?
  • Are we going to remove psychological safety from our team and give (say) the tech lead ultimate power and sign off on every decision?
  • Are we going to stop collaboration? Are we going to insist of reams of documentation that never gets read? Are we going to not follow agile principles like maximizing the amount of work not done?
  • Are we going to have quality/sign-off gates and handovers between requirements, design, development, QA and UAT?
  • Are we going to re-build all that hierarchy and bring in droves of Project Managers?
  • Are we going to stop inspecting and adapting?



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Steve Wells

Steve Wells


Building online versions of agile workshops such as the No Estimates game, to see how close we can get to the face-to-face experience for remote or hybrid teams