The Coin Game (now available remotely!) — a simple but effective way to demonstrate agility…

Note: Th online game allows you to change currencies…

The Game

You’ll need a set of coins of varying denominations. I’ve listed what I have in my set at the end of the article; this seems to work OK, but don’t feel it has to be exactly this.

  • PO
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Customer

Round One: Batch

In this round, all the coins must be turned over by each role, before passing them on en masse to the next role, i.e. the PO turns all the coins over, then passes all coins to the Designer, who turns them all over, then passes them all to the Developer in one go, and so on.

Round Two: Iterative

In this round, coins can be passed on as soon as they have been turned over. Make sure you time this round to show how much more effective this is than round one. Teams usually deliver all the coins in about 1:30 to 1:45 with the set of denominations I use.

Round 3: Value-Driven

This round is the light bulb moment. Up until now, everyone will be thinking they haven’t seen anything new, and it’s all just a bit of a laugh.

The De-Brief

I then usually draw 2 graphs to really emphasise the points made by the game. It is definitely worth drawing these on a whiteboard and explaining as you go along — I find it much more effective than just showing a slide or pre-rendered graphic.

Coin Denominations

I use £20 worth of coins, in the following denominations:

  • £2: 1
  • £1: 7
  • 50p: 11
  • 20p: 21
  • 10p: 6
  • 5p: 4
  • 2p: 5
  • 1p: 18



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Steve Wells

Steve Wells


Building online versions of agile workshops such as the No Estimates game, to see how close we can get to the face-to-face experience for remote or hybrid teams